How to Create Shareable Content Piece [5 Easy Tips]

Make Search Users lean into your Content Marketing, stay on your webpage and interact…

Budding SEO copywriters read this or weep!

When carefully crafting what you think is the perfect article for your audience, completing a final review and publishing, budding SEO copywriters hope their content is well-received with comments, likes and shares.

Comments, likes and shares are important social signals that Search Engines love, they build audience and improve Search Engine Rankings.

Research proves 80% of Internet users scan webpages rather than read them.

Think about how you search the Internet.  If you reach a webpage and cannot quickly identify information you seek, do you linger or just click to move on?

Here are 5 Easy Tips to Create Shareable Content

Tip 1: Compel Your Readers to Lean In

Start your article with a great headline.   Then trap the dreaded scanner’s attention with fantastic sub-headings that support your conclusion. Remember, strategic formatting – bullets and numbers – seduce readers’ minds with logical structure they cannot help but follow.

Tip 2: Get Your Message Out Quick

Begin your article with your main point – hit your readers with a pithy conclusion that is compelling. Do not hang around.

Tip 3: Complexity Equals Confusion

Keep it short.  Keep it snappy. Do NOT present complex topics that would cover many pages with dull grey text. Present information simply, in layman terms and get your informational-portions just right. Deliver each section in three or four sentences with plenty of white space.

Tip 4: Choose Great Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words – choose a great image to emphasise your main point. Great images with captions help focus attention and draw readers into an article.  Too many images or the wrong images can have a the reverse effect. Good images are expensive – poor images counterproductive.

Tip 5: Link your own relevant information

You are the expert.  Keep your audience on your website.  If you do not have quality content for relevant internal links –  get some. Of course, there are times when external links may be necessary to provide reference or credibility, but remember you are the expert.

Search Users searching for information on the internet are an extremely valuable commodity.  Research shows they are potential buyers.

Winners are SEO Copywriters that get first click and create engaging content that makes their audience lean in.

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